March 12, 2024

Vectis Custom Homes specializes in high end custom homes, and renovations.

NANOOSE BAY – For over 25 years, Vectis has been building high quality custom homes on central Vancouver Island.

Tim Rann founded Vectis Ventures Ltd. after moving to the Island from the United Kingdom, and Dustin Holland, who joined the company in 2010, and since 2020 has been the face of the firm known as Vectis Custom Homes Ltd. as it builds for the future.

“I have been running Vectis for the last few years now, and Tim is still around assisting where needed,” explains Dustin.

“Tim’s success in the industry was driven by word of mouth and relationships. I have worked hard since I began in the industry to build relationships and contacts throughout the communities we work in. Since I have taken over, I have pushed to grow the company by means of pushing the name forward, working with the relationships and contacts  I have built, and showing people the true capabilities of Vectis Custom Homes”.

Dustin Holland and his wife Amanda and sons Mason and Jaxon.

Vectis Custom Homes specializes in high end custom homes, and renovations.

“I have built an amazing team of project managers, foreman, and in house carpenters and apprentices,” notes Dustin. “I also have the privilege of having the most loyal, trustworthy, professional trades in the industry, most of whom were with Tim for many years previous.”

The company is experiencing its best ever growth, and continues to grow from month to month, securing contracts for years to come.

“Our commitment to our clientele is  assuring an exciting, enjoyable experience throughout the process is the key,” Dustin notes. “I do not want to come in and build our client’s home and walk away. I want to build a relationship with my clients that will last for years on end.

Vectis Custom Homes specializes in high end custom homes.

“This is a business, however, I find in this industry it is so important to build personal relationships along the way. My clients are putting their trust and hard earned money in my hands, and for this to happen I truly feel that aside from the business end, building a relationship falls hand in hand. This will in return push the referrals coming back from the positive feedback from past clients,” he adds. “I believe the success to date is completely related to the relationships that have been built over the years. I have the best team to back me up, consisting of my in-house staff, sub trades, designers, suppliers,  engineers and accountants. Without these people we would not be in the position we are.”

Dustin lives in Qualicum Beach with his wife Amanda and their sons Mason and Jaxon.

“They are truly the backbone of the company, as they give me so much drive to push harder every day to grow the company to its highest potential,” he states. “And to have their support, especially when it comes to the hours I need to put in to make this all work so well. I love showing my boys what hard work is, and what it  can lead up to.”

A carpenter by trade, Dustin has spent many years on the tools in all aspects of construction, learning all details from start to finish.

A carpenter by trade, Dustin has spent many years on the tools in all aspects of construction, learning all details from start to finish. “I feel it is a huge advantage in my position to have had the experience on the tools. I have full knowledge in the homes I  build, from structural elements to the finish stages.”

“I strive to go above and beyond to ensure projects are run smooth, enjoyable and on budget,” he says. “I am very confident in my role as owner. I love building custom homes as well as taking on renovations. I love dealing and communicating with clients day to day, listening to their hopes and wishes and making their dreams come true.”

Vectis Custom Homes has a diverse portfolio of custom homes, built with their trusted trades and team members.

While Dustin’s hands are firmly on the wheel of the company, he is deeply appreciative of the hard work and vision that Tim put into the firm along the way.

“Once we finished our first contract together back in the beginning, Tim approached me with the idea of collaborating and working alongside each other with the thought of eventually taking over Vectis,” he recalls. “We knew we both were on the same page and we had a great working connection with a clear vision for the company. As time passed, we began working on a plan for myself and the takeover of Vectis.”


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