NANAIMO – Steve Marshall Ford is revealing something new on November 27.

It’s the Lincoln line’s top four Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV’s), in a soft introduction event called the Lincoln Reveal.

Rob Willoughby, who has been at the dealership for 18 years – the past 6 as the top Lincoln salesman in BC – says all of the new vehicles “are incredible products.”

Rob Willoughby has been Steve Marshall Ford’s top selling Lincoln Sales Representative for the past six years

The stars of the 2020 Lincoln Reveal will all be in attendance: the Aviator, Nautilus, Corsair and Navigator.

The Aviator is a mid-sized luxury SUV, for up to seven passengers.

“We’re looking at a vehicle that will be available in a plug-in hybrid in the near future, and has a standard 400 horsepower, 3-litre, twin turbo V-6 engine,” he notes. “It’s absolutely world class, with an incredible interior that offers up to 32 position sizes and seating options. It’s a beautiful, beautiful automobile.”

Willoughby says they’ve already had one in the store, and sold it within 24 hours, and have another on the floor now.

“They are going to be very, very hot,” he says. “We’ll obviously try to keep one until the Reveal event November 27.”

The Nautilus is also a mid-sized unit, for up to five passengers.

“It is proudly built in Canada, and has many of the same features as the Aviator,” he adds.

The Corsair is also for five passengers, but it is a sub-compact SUV.

“This model year will be available with 2 and 2.3 litre turbo-charged engines, and will be available as a plug-in hybrid later on,” he notes, adding he believes the plug-in vehicles are starting to gain traction in the marketplace.

“We’re going the plug-in route, as opposed to the full-on hybrid,” he observes. “They’re good for 47 km in range, with the ability to switch over to gasoline mode once if it gets very low on the battery, so the driver can switch back and forth with the motor running as they go.”

The full-size Navigator seats seven passengers and can tow up to 8,600 pounds. It comes in small, medium, compact-medium and large editions.

“It is the highest rated SUV out there in the market right now, according to Consumer Reports and other rating agencies,” he says, adding it comes with twin-turbo V-6, 450 horsepower engines. “And it comes with an all-aluminum body, just like our F-150 trucks.”

Willoughby adds that all of the vehicles are all-wheel drive and come with the “360 co-pilot, an all-around safety feature, cruise control and autonomous emergency braking.

Lincoln’s Aviator, Nautilus, Corsair and Navigator SUVs all come with strong reviews

“They all have the ability to come to a full stop with just the emergency brake,” Willoughby states. “They also come with Accident Avoidance technology that assists drivers to maneuver around a vehicle in case of a possible rear-end collision.

“They also have Lane Centering Control as well,” he adds. “In layman’s terms, when it’s in cruise control, it gives the driver the ability, in a worst-case scenario if they happen to fall asleep at the wheel, the technology will guide the vehicle itself for 15 seconds. At that point, if there is no response from the driver, it will bring the vehicle to a safe stop on its own.”

Willoughby says these Lincoln vehicles include Revel Audio, “Harman Kardon’s highest level of audio equipment that needs to be heard to be believed.”

All of the new SUVs come with the “Lincoln Way” app, which, amongst other things, allows owners to “remote start the vehicle, right from a smart phone, from anywhere. For example, I was in Mexico last winter, and remote-started my car here in Canada.”

Willoughby adds that if Lincoln customers live within 50 km of the dealership, they offer pickup and drop-off service. “If they’re more than 50 km, they’re guaranteed a Lincoln loaner car as part of the Lincoln commitment as well,” he adds.

He even has his own special spin, which he calls a “Lincoln Discovery Drive”.

“If a customer is interested in a Lincoln, we set up a Lincoln for them for 24 hours, give them a full tank of gas and customized evening out for two,” he says, adding they’ll need to call him at the dealership at 250-758-7311 to take advantage of the offer.