Quality, Creativity Come First for Sartori Custom Homes

February 21, 2019

NANOOSE BAY – Walking into a recently completed show home in Nanoose Bay, it becomes clear why Dan Sartori has earned such a strong reputation in his industry.

As the second generation owner of Sartori Custom Homes, Dan expanded the company to Vancouver Island in 2017 after over four decades in Western Canada.

Since then, he has been taking on various custom projects on the Island, bringing a trademark attention to detail to each build.

A recent Sartori Nanoose Bay project features massive windows that highlight the location’s pristine views and allow for an abundance of natural light. It includes a floating staircase and a fireplace area made from granite that was excavated from the site during the construction process. The exterior of the home is a modern West Coast design that carries Sartori’s unique fingerprint.

“The company was founded by my father in 1973,” he says. “He’s an Italian immigrant and a mason by trade (which, in Europe, is essentially a homebuilder). When he came to the country, he learned how to build Canadian-style homes.”

Dan started working with the company at a young age, helping out on weekends and during the summer. After attending university, he jumped into the family business full-time

“Back then, I was fortunate enough to land a couple of prestigious custom home builds,” he says. “Success during those projects, along with positive word of mouth afterwards is how I carved out my own little niche in this industry.”

Since taking over the company 12 years ago, Dan has continued to focus on distinctive and interesting custom builds, developing a unique, transparent hands-on approach.

“Now, we primarily build custom home projects with one-of-a-kind designs, thoughtfully tailored to the client’s lifestyle and tastes,” he says. “We prefer out of the ordinary, complicated projects and welcome the challenge. We like to stand out, so therefore look to our team of designers and suppliers to help us find new and exciting materials. We want to be unique at all times.”

In 2016, Dan decided it was time for a new challenge and began looking into expanding to Vancouver Island. After developing some relationships with reputable local companies, he made the move to Nanoose Bay, where the company is currently based.

“We moved for a combination of professional and personal reasons,” he says. “The Island has a strong economy, and both my own family and my wife’s family are here. Additionally, we were attracted by the geography and lifestyle of the region.”

Sartori relies on local sub trades and suppliers who have a reputation for excellence and attention to detail. In order to maintain the quality of each build, Sartori Custom Homes purposefully limits the number of projects taken on at any given time.

“I am the owner of the company, and am personally involved in every aspect of the process – every step from initial contact, to quoting, to daily supervision, to client interaction, to final walkthrough, and everything in between,” says Dan. “The primary benefit of this is that there is no opportunity for information to be lost in translation between client and builder.”

Sartori also operates using a completely open book process, where clients are able to see all quotes and invoices, allowing them to know exactly where every single dollar of their money is going. According to Dan, the company’s unofficial motto is “on time and on budget.”

“With all our builds, the client is very much involved in the process, and we work hard to ensure all their needs are met,” he says. “We give practical advice when necessary, making sure the customer has an end-product that functions perfectly. Something they see may look great in a magazine, but not work for an individual’s needs.

“Having worked in other parts of Western Canada, I have had plenty of exposure to different building styles, and have been able to bring what I’ve learned to the Island. I’ve also been able to learn many of the local styles and trends, and can offer clients a unique package that combines the best of both worlds.”

As the company’s reputation continues to grow on the Island, Sartori Custom Homes plans on continuing to limit its number of projects. This will allow for consistency in the company’s trademark attention to detail for years to come.


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