CAMPBELL RIVER – A strategic partnership between a supplier, Lordco Auto Parts, and MOWI West Canada, has mutually benefited both companies.

Del Wagner, Industrial Sales Representative for Lordco Auto Parts 75 in Campbell River, says “with the implementation of the OPUS purchasing system, it has given the Lordco team an opportunity to be on the ground floor in developing a catalogue of supplies that can be sourced with a certainty of product quality, price and immediate availability and in turn given MOWI an effective way of purchasing control.”

Founded in 1974, Lordco is a BC owned company with over 100 branches in locations all over the province, with 14 on Vancouver Island. 

Wagner has been in the supply industry for over 40 years, and says Matt Flint is the local contact for MOWI and he makes contact each day with MOWI departments and personnel.

We work with staff who process, fill the orders, package for shipping to all the sites and deliver or ship according to MOWIs instructions,” Wagner says. “Every day we field requests and inquiries that we try and find solutions for, in the form of product that meets those needs.”

In addition, Wagner says Lordco representatives have visited over 40 MOWI sites, farms, hatcheries, processing plants, packaging, and warehousing facilities to do surveys of diesel driven equipment, and other products used in MOWI’s operations.  

The information gleaned from those surveys allow Lordco to customize its inventory to have product available for immediate delivery, in the quantities required to keep power units running.

“Our team has developed a relationship with many of the MOWI operational teams and purchasing personnel, and as a team, we are creating this new OPUS catalogue of products,” Wagner says.This catalogue is essential to the correct product being available when required.”

Specialized stainless products, fasteners, plumbing and even RONC parts are some of the items that Lordco has identified that MOWI regularly needs, and these are stocked, along with filtration and lubricant products for regular servicing of MOWI equipment.

“This catalogue is an ever-growing project vital to the Lordco/MOWI relationship and Matt has taken on the responsibility of developing it to its full potential,” says Wagner.From Lordco’s perspective, stocking all these unique products has greatly expanded our presence in the marine market in Campbell River, which further justifies the supporting inventories for MOWI.” ­­

Lordco Parts Ltd. was incorporated in 1974 by its two founding members, Roy Lord and Ed Coates. A simple combination of their surnames gave the company its name, and they hired one employee to help them in their modest 900 square foot store in Maple Ridge, BC.

From the beginning, the two shareholders agreed that success would only come through a diligent, common sense approach to selling automotive parts. Knowledgeable salespeople selling quality merchandise, backed by a commitment to service wouldn’t create instant success, but would give them a fighting chance to make it in the long run.

The formula has proven to be the right one, and it is on display with the company’s relationship with MOWI.

“Lordco is a strong advocate for the aquaculture industry and other major industry throughout BC, and looks forward to being part of MOWI’s growth,” says Wagner.