Island Wide Inter-Generational Program Offered

April 19, 2021


CAMPBELL RIVER – One of the greatest resources a society can utilize is inter-generational education and experience. Getting older and wiser is great — but only if there is someone to share it with. Being young, full of newly learned knowledge and enthusiasm is terrific — but only if there is someone to encourage the new growth.

We are so fortunate to have outstanding post-secondary institutions, not only in BC but here on Vancouver Island. And, they have fully capitalized on embracing new technologies and not just blending them with hands on training and experience but finding new avenues for the students to gain that experience while they are still studying.

Vancouver Island Work-Integrated Learning (VIWIL) is a unique partnership of collaboration between North Island College (NIC) and Vancouver Island University (VIU). Their new platform or portal was created in the spirit of connecting employers with students on Vancouver Island north of the Malahat thus enhancing opportunities for work-integrated learning. As an employer on you will find every resource you may need from funding options to pre-hiring tips to writing job postings to onboarding. And, once you post the job to — it is then ‘pushed out’ to every campus north of the Malahat from Duncan to Powell River to Port Hardy and every campus in between. It allows you to tap directly into our unique market.

And if you wanted to go a little farther afield — BC Chamber offers the Talent Forward Program. “By bringing a student into the workforce for short-term labour support, businesses can save costs, increase overall worker capacity, and drive productivity. This in turn helps to build a stronger BC now, and in the future,” according to Dan Baxter, Director of Policy Development, Government and Stakeholder Relations, BC Chamber of Commerce.

“Utilizing a student is a fantastic way to fill a business or organization’s need and at the same time provide that student with invaluable work experience that will strengthen their foundation as they begin their career. Engaging with students has literally been a lifesaver for myself being a one-employee organization. The students I’ve had the privilege of working with over the last six months have been exceptional. Two from NIC and one from VIU. I suspect I’ve learned just as much as them!” says Mary Ruth Snyder, Executive Director, Campbell River & District Chamber of Commerce.

For more information visit or and make the most of our inter-generational resource.

Mary Ruth Snyder is Executive Director of the Campbell River and District Chamber of Commerce.

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