Drilling To Begin Next Week At Nanaimo’s Colliery Dam

October 15, 2015

NANAIMO – The City of Nanaimo’s engineering department are finalizing preparations to begin drilling in the Colliery Dam Park work zone next week. Copcan Civil Limited’s subcontractor, Henry Drilling, will commence work on a secant pile cut-off wall on Monday, October 19. This work entails drilling a hole while advancing a steel casing. When the proper depth is reached, the casing is removed as concrete is poured.

A series of overlapping concrete columns will form the cut off wall. The cut off wall supports the labyrinth weir excavation and prevents seepage from the reservoir. It is anticipated the cut off wall construction will take three weeks to complete.

“As work carries on in the park we will continue to update the public. Please keep in mind this area is an active construction site; we ask that park users follow direction from on site safety workers and observe posted signage,” explained Ted Swabey, Nanaimo’s City Manager.

A recent review of the site resulted in an assessment that between two and six more trees will require removal along the access road to allow room for the drilling equipment and low bed trucks to enter the area. An empty truck will be brought in to ensure only trees necessary to allow access are removed. The removed trees will be kept for park use.

Key Points:

  • Henry Drilling will work extended hours Monday through Saturday starting October 19. It is anticipated drilling will take three weeks to complete.
  • Members of the public seeking previous information updates concerning the Colliery Dams are encouraged to visit the Colliery Dams Information page located on the City’s website.
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