District Of Lantzville Acquires Waterfront Land For Marine Park

October 13, 2021

LANTZVILLE – The District of Lantzville has purchased 8306 Sabre Road, the largest waterfront property in the District, to be designated a marine park.

This purchase is a historic accomplishment, realizing one of Council’s strategic priorities. The new park is named Pierce Woods Marine Park and, at 8 acres (approximately 3 Va ha.), is the District’s second largest park.

“Council is excited that our community will benefit from this park acquisition for generations,” says Mayor Mark Swain. “Pierce Woods Marine Park is one of the most important legacies that Council will leave this community. Green space is a cherished asset in our community and its protection will benefit the environment. This waterfront property has already formed special memories for Seaview Elementary School students through their annual visit to the beach. Once open to the public, in addition to becoming a family gathering place for the creation of special memories long into the future, the Park will provide additional beach access and increase our community’s capacity to enjoy and share Lantzville’s waterfront.”

The community has benefitted from the foresight of the family who registered the Trust Agreement on title in 1996 that provided for a reduced purchase price, subject to the lands being kept available to the public as a marine park. The property was purchased for $1,401,750 (funded from development cost charges and reserve funds) without impacting property taxes.

The Directors, representing the family, said “The Woods Foundation Trust was established by Audrey Joan Editha Woods several decades ago with the express purpose of supporting designated local charities. In addition, Audrey owned a property at 8306 Sabre Road which she leased to the Pierce family who she regarded as her own family. The Pierces have cared for and occupied the cherished property for over 50 years, raising their families as pillars of the Lantzville community. The recent sale of 8306 Sabre Road by the Woods Foundation to the District of Lantzville who will develop a marine park, is a long-held goal and dream of the Woods Foundation. The Pierces are delighted that Sabre Beach will be enjoyed by all for generations to come.”

The public is asked not to visit the new marine park just yet. This is because the District, as the new owner, must now assess any existing liabilities on the property, consider parking/access improvements, and prepare the property for future public access.



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