Construction of Comox Valley Water Treatment Project Near Completion

April 16, 2021

COMOX VALLEY – Significant achievements in the first quarter of 2021 have now put the Comox Valley Water Treatment Project at nearly 90 per cent complete – on track to begin commissioning this spring as planned.

In the past year, crews have installed eight kilometres of pipeline and poured enough concrete to fill four Olympic sized pools. Recent milestones being celebrated now include:

Completed installation of approximately eight kilometres of large diameter pipeline on the project including: the raw water transmission main, treated water transmission main and marine pipeline in Comox Lake.

Finished installation of the intake structure at Comox Lake, which screens raw water before it passes through the marine pipeline.

Finalized construction of the clearwell at the water treatment plant, which stores up to 10 million litres of treated water before it enters the treated water transmission main.

“The solid and consistent work of crews and project team members means we are on track to complete this project on schedule,” said Wendy Morin, Chair of the Comox Valley Regional District Water Committee. “The hard work by all to keep this project on track through the past year of unexpected circumstances is cause for celebration.”

All mechanical equipment has now been installed at the raw water pump station, and testing of the pump station system equipment will start later in April. In the coming months, construction on the water treatment plant will also progress to completion, including final installation and testing of the systems that will treat the water via filtration, ultra-violet treatment and chlorination.

“This exciting achievement will mark the end of all turbidity-related boil water notices and provide a secure supply of reliable, high quality drinking water for many years to come,” said Russell Dyson, Chief Administrative Officer.

Upgrades to the trailhead, next to the water treatment plant on Lake Trail Road, will also be coming soon. Work on the new graveled parking area, water fill station and outhouse washroom will be ready for public use targeted by mid-summer.

About the Project

The new $126 million Comox Valley Water Treatment System will remove the risk of viruses and bacteria in our drinking water, and provide a secure supply of reliable, high quality drinking water for decades to come. This project impacts 45,000 residents and is a high priority that aligns with all four of the CVRD’s key strategic drivers: Fiscal responsibility, Climate Crisis and Environmental Stewardship and Protection, Community Partnerships and Indigenous Relations.

Stay informed on project progress via update videos posted to the CVRD’s social media channels, or by reading the latest project newsletter online at



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