COMOX CHAMBER: Nurturing Winter Wellness: A Guide for Busy Entrepreneurs and Executives

November 22, 2023


COMOX VALLEY – As the winter season envelops us in its cozy embrace, it becomes even more crucial for busy entrepreneurs and executives to prioritize their well-being amidst the demands of the business world. We share with you our favourite Comox Valley low, no-cost, and “spoil yourself” strategies to help you thrive physically and mentally during the winter months.

Before Work: Invigorate Your Mornings

Winter Warm-Up: Begin your day with a warm cup of herbal tea or a hearty bowl of oatmeal. This not only fuels your body but also warms you up on chilly winter mornings. Harmonic Arts offers many healthful drink blends to fill your cup at home.

Indoor Workouts: Beat the winter blues with indoor exercises. A quick home workout routine or yoga session can kickstart your day and boost your mood. Studio IPF has online classes in addition to their in-studio sessions.

Mindful Start: Embrace the winter ambiance with a moment of mindfulness. Take a few minutes to appreciate the serene winter landscape outside or practice meditation to set a positive tone for the day.

At Lunch: Rejuvenate Your Midday

Sunshine Breaks: If possible, take advantage of any sunlight available during the winter. A short walk outside can provide a much-needed dose of Vitamin D, lifting your spirits and enhancing focus.

Connect with Colleagues: Build a supportive work environment by connecting with coworkers. Share a meal or take a few minutes to engage in non-work-related conversations to foster positive relationships.

After Work Chill Time

Cozy Evenings: Embrace the Danish concept of hygge – create a cozy and warm environment at home. Enjoy a cup of hot cocoa from Hot Chocolates, light candles, and unwind with a good book from Laughing Oyster Books.

Winter Sports: Take advantage of alpine activities while enjoying the beauty of the winter landscape found on Mount Washington.

Family Game Nights: Spend quality time with loved ones through indoor activities like board games, puzzles, or a family movie night. Comox Valley Arts starts their 30-Day Drawing challenge in January. It’s a fun, free and accessible activity with daily prompts. Strengthening family bonds contributes to a sense of well-being.

Weekend Moments

Winter Markets: Explore local winter produce found at the Comox Valley Farmers Market or hit up the many local winter craft fairs. Shopping with local producers and unique makers supports a strong local economy.

Community Events: Attend a special event and connect with your community. Each community has their own tree lighting ceremony to kick off the festive season. The Sid Williams Theatre offers eleven Holiday themed presentations throughout November and December.

Spa: Treat yourself to a visit to Kingfisher Spa for a relaxing treatment or walk through their unique Pacific Mist Hydropath and follow up with a delightful dining experience at Ocean7.

Consider a Winter Escape: Comox to Puerto Vallarta Direct Flight

For an ultimate winter escape, consider a direct flight from Comox Valley Airport to Puerto Vallarta. Trading winter chills for the warmth of a tropical paradise can be the perfect rejuvenating experience, allowing you to return to work with a fresh perspective.

Winter wellness matters.

You deserve to focus on yourself this season. Stay resilient and energized by tailoring your self-care with experiences you enjoy most. Balancing work and well-being contributes to an overall sense of success. When you actively engage in uplifting activities, your mood seeps through into all you do, and that’s good for business!

Tracey Clarke is the Executive Director of the Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce. Visit the Chamber’s website at 




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