Campbell River Airport Launching City-Owned Jet Fuel Facility

December 22, 2017

CAMPBELL RIVER – Jet fuel sales at the Campbell River Airport (YBL) will be provided at a more spacious facility and at a more competitive price starting Dec. 28.

Based on an Airport Commission business case demonstrating the potential for increased revenue for the airport from the resale of jet fuel as an independent dealer, Campbell River City Council approved the purchase of a jet fuel tank and delivery trucks in the 2017 Financial Plan. The British Columbia Air Access Program (BCAAP) contributed up to $903,250 to this capital project.

Jet fuel sales generate more than 90 per cent of the Airport’s revenue, with regular customers including Pacific Coastal Airlines, Central Mountain Air, Ministry of Forests Air Tankers and corporate jets.

Benefits of this City-owned facility include:

  • Increased revenue generation;
  • Increased customer service;
  • More competitive fuel pricing based on weekly market rate for jet-A1 fuel;
  • Reduced environmental risk and enhanced asset management planning; and
  • Increased aircraft parking and reduced small aircraft traffic conflicts.

“We are thrilled to be launching our own fuel services at the Campbell River Airport and thank the Province for their financial support of our airport infrastructure,” says Acting Mayor and Airport Commission liaison Colleen Evans. “This new system will allow YBL to become an independent jet fuel dealer, giving the airport the flexibility to take advantage of the open market, keeping our fuel prices competitive while generating revenue.”

The City will not sell aviation gas at the new fuel facility because costs to provide the additional fuel facility infrastructure would not be recoverable given anticipated nominal sales. To ensure continued access to this fuel for smaller piston aircraft, the City has awarded a contract to Sealand Aviation Ltd. to provide this fuel at the airport.

Airport jet fuel sales were previously offered by a branded dealer under an agreement with World Fuels.

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