Alair Homes is all About Teamwork

June 9, 2023

Nanaimo-Based Award Winning Custom Home Build And Renovation Firm In 15th Year

Chiara Sulyok and Vanessa Wagemaker

NANAIMO – Teamwork makes the dream work at Alair Homes – for clients, the company and their franchise partners.

Alair Homes is an award-winning custom home building and renovation company celebrating its 15th year helping individuals and families enjoy a happier, healthier, and more comfortable lifestyle. They have 130 partners in 99 offices across North America, and have assembled a team of certified, award-winning builders, designers, and trade experts to build quality homes on Vancouver Island, with offices in Nanaimo, Victoria, Cowichan, Mill Bay and North Island

Alair Homes Regional Partner Chiara Sulyok

Chiara Sulyok started in the carpentry field before being promoted to project manager, general manager, and now Regional Partner of Alair Vancouver Island. She notes that Alair has three times more women in leadership than the industry average, and is a progressive, for-ward-thinking place to work.

“At Alair, we believe in the power of the team and in transparency,” she states. “We’ll provide the proven experts and resources, but you’re in total control of all your selections, budget, and schedule. You have 24/7 access to the entire scope of work, right down to trim and finishes, so you can build a lasting home designed for your lifestyle. It’s a very transparent process.”

Alair is built on the franchise model, however it has developed a unique system that is based on collaboration and support.

“We have regular weekly meetings and calls with other offices and other partners across the company. We brainstorm, mastermind, and help each other grow,” she explains. “I just came from a conference in Georgia where we met with project managers, partners and home office staff from all over Canada and the US. Having this network is such a unique thing in the construction world.”

Chiara adds that teamwork at every stage is a key to Alair’s growth.

“A lot of our successes are due to the fact that we work as team,” she observes. “Not just on each project, but at each office, in each region, across the province and the continent.  We work with the best architects, designers and trades to give our clients the home of their dreams.

“We are also huge proponents of planning the entire project up front,” she adds. “That
means we cost everything out to the best of our abilities way before we break ground. Our commitment to transparency is also why we are successful. Clients love that aspect of working with Alair.”

Chiara notes that a lot of people come to Vancouver Island looking for a change of lifestyle.

“A lot of our clients here are coming to the island for work, for retirement, or they want a beautiful place to raise a family,” she says. “Our focus is custom homes, renovations and garden suites.”

What makes it all work for Alair comes back to teamwork and collaboration.

“This extends to our clients as well,” she adds. “We have so many stories of clients becoming close friends with project managers and partners. Building a home can take a long time, and as builders, we often really do become part of the family!”

By Mark MacDonald


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