Published On: Thursday, 13 August 2015

Agency Created To Assist Province’s Agrifood Industry

Agency Created To Assist Province’s Agrifood Industry
(from left to right) Norm Letnick, BC’s Agriculture Minister, and a BC blueberry farmer

BC - To help individuals start or grow an agrifoods business in British Columbia the task of accessing information has just been made easier. AgriService BC is now available, linking British Columbians to comprehensive and up-to-date information and tips to be a success in B.C.’s exciting agrifoods sector.

“I am focused on creating more jobs, opportunities and wealth for farming families. AgriService BC provides valuable information that will ensure there is a strong future for farming in British Columbia,” explained Norm Letnick, BC’s Agriculture Minister.

AgriService BC has been created to provide quicker access to programs and information including:

  • Starting a new farm and effectively marketing your products.
  • Hiring and supervising workers.
  • Developing marketing plans and expanding your business.
  • Responding to risks – resources available to help protect your business.
  • Learning how to manage water and other resources effectively.

“Having timely access to relevant information is key to building and maintaining a successful agrifoods business. AgriService BC is streamlining access to government information and resources and that’s good for B.C. agriculture,” said Stan Vander Waal, Chair of the BC Agriculture Council.

“Any service that helps B.C. farmers and ranchers spend more time farming and less time doing administration is a welcome service. The BC Agriculture Council appreciates this new farming resource and looks forward to its continued development.”

The service is available online at:, by phone (1-888-221-7141) and email:, or by visiting a Ministry of Agriculture office. After contacting them AgriService BC, Ministry of Agriculture staff will either find the information requested right away or will put the interested persons in contact with the appropriate expert.

The B.C. agrifoods sector includes primary production in agriculture, sustainable aquaculture industry, commercial fisheries, and the processing of food and beverages. The sector generates almost $12 billion in combined gross revenues and in 2013 B.C. exported $2.7 billion worth of products to more than 140 markets. There are 20,000 family farms in the provincial agrifoods sector providing a vital role in B.C.'s food security and economy.