Women Help Lead The Way At Ace Plumbing & Heating

July 13, 2021

Jordana Lloyd is Residential Project Manager at ACE

KELOWNA – In 1979 when ACE Plumbing & Heating was founded, women in the construction industry were few and far between.

Now, 40 plus years later not only are they deservedly a big part of the industry, in many cases they are leading it.

ACE’s Jolene Azama and Jordana Lloyd are just two shining examples.

Jolene Azama is Commercial Project Manager at ACE

Jolene, Commercial Project Manager at ACE has been with the company since 2004, starting as a Project Coordinator with their HVAC department. In her position today, she manages 25 employees and holds a Diploma of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from BCIT.

“I am fortunate to be mentored by our President, Brian Walters, who has over 40 years of experience in the industry,” she notes. “Our success comes from the great team we have assembled. Everyone works well together, and we are all focused on turning over successful projects.”

Jolene recognizes that the company’s reputation in the marketplace is attractive to customers.

“We know that for many contractors, reputation is as important as price, so we strive to be their first choice,” she says. “We continue to diversify our knowledge base and adapt to new technologies so that we can offer our customers the best plumbing and HVAC products available.”

Jordana, Residential Project Manager at ACE, has been with the company since 2010 and oversees the company’s vast Residential Department, managing 38 employees.

She leads all new housing projects from start to finish, explaining: “I complete the plumbing and heating quotes, help the customers finalize their selections of equipment, plumbing fixtures and fireplaces, etc., order and send products to site and coordinate with our installers. I help to manage the entire process for customers building their dream home.”

Jordana notes the company has grown consistently over the years, “though the last year has seen an upswing that we were not expecting. We had anticipated that things would slow down due to the pandemic, however, the Okanagan has continued to grow, and we feel very lucky to be part of that growth.”

As the industry continues to grow women will rightfully fill more leading roles, especially at ACE where equal opportunity has been part of the company’s fabric since its inception.





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