Twin Creek Media Continues To Hit Their Stride

May 3, 2023


The Twin Creek Media team at a company event

KELOWNA Twin Creek Media is taking a moment to smile; the full-service marketing agency in Kelowna, BC has had several successful years that have resulted in growth as well as industry recognition. Most recently, Twin Creek was honoured to receive the Best in Category in Website Design at the Summit Marketing Effectiveness Awards for 2022.

Creating and implementing a professional marketing strategy is a key component to any successful business. Yet when challenges arise, like the innumerable challenges the world has faced over the last three years, marketing often falls to the wayside, and strategy becomes less of a priority as the company focuses on staying afloat.

As a full-time company of roughly 10 people, Twin Creek supplements an in-house marketing employee or team, or the management team, with its own group of multi-talented individuals capable of boosting company performance for the cost of approximately one to two salaried staff members.

“We like to partner with mid-sized companies that might have a marketing person in place but not a team because it is unrealistic and not within their budget,” said Twin Creek Media Communications Director and Account Manager, Teresa Doulos.

Twin Creek Media proudly displays their recent win of Best in Category

“We usually start by seeing where they are at, where they sit within the competition, and where would they like to go – what does a year from now look like and what does three years look like?”

Twin Creek brings a roster of talented professionals who specialize in an endless selection of services, from strategy and design to photography and video production, programming and much more. Nowadays, there are many marketing agencies out there and choosing the right company can be a difficult task. At Twin Creek, the company manages to stand out by taking several unique approaches to client operations.

Firstly, they do not partner with competitors in the same sector in the same area.

“We will only work with one company per industry per region,” said Doulos. “We can’t help you achieve your absolute best if we are also playing for another team in the same league.”

Another way Twin Creek ensures client satisfaction is by measuring and reporting on literally everything.

“We are responsible to ourselves and to our clients,” said Doulos. “If we aren’t measuring and proving our impact, clients have every right to wonder whether something is successful or not,” said Doulos.

Finally, Twin Creek has no long-term contracts and takes no commission on media buys.

“We want you to feel like we are just down the hall from you,” said Doulos. “We are on your team; we have the right connections and we are invested in your success.”

Over the past few years, Twin Creek Media has grown (and continues to grow) by adding more in-house talent and building the specialized contractor pool to be able to truly deliver an integrated marketing program for its clients.

“Our team is amazing. The talent alone is something to acknowledge. But when you put us all together—when we get to strategize and plan and execute as a whole—that’s when magic really happens,” shares Doulos. “There is nothing our team can’t do”.

By Tyler Nyquvest


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