The Penticton Chamber is the area’s Business Bastion

November 3, 2015

PENTICTON – The Penticton & Wine Country Chamber of Commerce is a not for profit, member based association serving the greater Penticton business community. Membership in your local Chamber of Commerce is a valuable investment that can provide real tangible benefits.

“Belonging to the Chamber is non-negotiable. We take advantage of space for our business cards and brochures. We use the business directory as a resource and for advertising. Biz after Biz events are a great way to connect. But, the most important aspect of belonging to our local Chamber is supporting the local business community, which drives and supports economic growth,” said Carol Sudchak of Windsor Plywood Penticton.

The simplest way of getting what you need from your local Chamber membership is to know your ABC’s!

A for Advocacy! Chambers across Canada have an incredible track record of advocating on behalf of local members and that success stems from member input. Grounded in a grassroots analysis of business issues from members, Chambers develop progressive policy solutions and champion them to municipal, provincial and federal levels of government. Chambers across Canada shape the Canadian Chamber’s advocacy agenda at the annual AGM. Policy actions from local Chambers have resulted in positive change nationwide.

“Policy advocacy by your local Chamber of Commerce is the best way to affect change at all levels of government. It’s an incredible process and a huge benefit to our members. When Premier Christy Clark announced the creation of Destination BC, she stated that the framework was taken directly from the pages of the BC Chamber policy book, a policy that was initiated, written and introduced by the PWCCC Board of Directors,” said Jason Cox, President of the Penticton & Wine Country Chamber of Commerce.

B is for Benefits!  Chambers often bring forth a comprehensive list of benefits exclusive to members including discounted office supplies, low rates on point of sale machines, fleet discounts on gasoline, group health and dental insurance, member to member discounts, and much more! They are constantly researching new benefits to help members save money and market more effectively in business!

C is for Connections! Chambers offer events throughout the year to give members an opportunity to network with fellow business owners and community leaders. From business after business events and annual business excellence awards, to monthly business seminars, keynote luncheons and more, Chambers offer exclusive opportunities to grow professionally and rub shoulders with the movers and shakers in business. 

The Penticton & Wine Country Chamber has been around for 108 years and counting, even longer than our City Council! Chamber membership carries status and recognition in the community. Members often display their Chamber logo proudly and in support of their own marketing efforts. Membership in the Chamber gives you the distinction of supporting the success of your community and offers a level of status and exclusivity unmatched by other professional business associations.

– Brandy Maslowski is the new Executive Director of the Penticton & Wine Country Chamber of Commerce. She can be reached at or 250-492-4103.

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