June 27, 2024

One of the first pre-approved designs for the City’s infill fast-track program. There are four pre-approved designs in total.

KELOWNA – More than 1,300 MF1-zoned multi-family lots in the City of Kelowna‘s Core Area are now eligible for ‘fast-track’ development approvals with four to six units permitted per property. Complete Development and Building Permit applications for eligible lots can be processed and approved within 10 business days when working with a pre-approved, standardized, multi-plex design – the new process significantly reduces the approval timeline which used to take from two to four months.

The first group of pre-approved designs for the City’s infill fast-track program can be found here.

“Over time, the fast-track program has the potential to deliver up to 7,000 new homes and help us meet the demand for housing in our city, especially for more affordable and diverse housing options,” said James Moore, Housing Policy & Programs Department Manager. “Recent zoning changes mean that homeowners have more options for what they can build on their lots, which can provide more options for home seekers, but also more options for homeowners to accommodate their own needs on their current property.”

Currently, property owners and developers can choose from four pre-approved infill designs – three of these were winners of the City’s 2022 Infill Challenge. Future phases of the infill fast-track program will see more design options added.

“Simplifying development processes to allow more homes – in more places – faster than before can help address our housing shortage, improve the livability and vibrancy of neighbourhoods, and support the City’s goals of reducing urban sprawl and greenhouse gas emissions,” said Moore. “While this is not the only solution, and all levels of government need to keep collaborating on housing, these actions can have a significant impact on tackling some of our community’s biggest challenges.”

Increasing the supply of infill housing – suites, carriage houses, and multiplexes – is consistent with many of the housing goals established in the 2040 Official Community Plan as well as residents’ desire to focus growth near existing infrastructure, services, and amenities.

Development of the program was funded in part by the $31.5 million Housing Accelerator Fund grant provided by the Government of Canada and administered by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

For more information on the infill fast-track program, eligibility criteria, and application process, visit the City’s website at

Source: City of Kelowna & Business Examiner Staff




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