Published On: Thursday, 22 February 2018

Seniors' Housing Included in New Kamloops Development

Seniors' Housing Included in New Kamloops Development
An artist's rending of the proposed development for Kamloops' Spirit Square area.

KAMLOOPS - Another project, which includes affordable housing for seniors, is about to be developed on Kamloops' North Shore. The yet to be named development will have not one, but two distinct buildings to add to the neighbourhood and revitalize the area in and around Spirit Square.

“We’re pleased to be able to announce that we’re building another project on the North Shore of Kamloops,” says Joshua Knaak, partner of Arpa Investments. “We truly believe in the potential of the area.

"We worked in consultation with the community, including Friends of McDonald Park Association, North Shore Central, the NSBIA, and business owners. They said that they’re looking for developments that help revitalize the area, increase density along the Tranquille Commercial District, and compliment the vibrancy of the community.

"One of the key factors we also heard before drafting our plans was that the community wanted a community oriented development that maximized the potential use of Spirit Square. We’ve listened and we believe this development will accomplish those key requests.”

The Spirit Square Kamloops development emerged from a vision to redevelop and revitalize the currently vacant lot tucked in behind Spirit Square on Kamloops’ North Shore. The project will include:

  • Two mixed use buildings centring on Spirit Square;
  • One building to feature 7,000 square feet of restaurant/commercial space with approximately 33 market units;
  • One building to feature 5,200 square feet of commercial/office space with 43 affordable rental units for seniors, owned and operated by ASK Wellness Society; and
  • Approximately 75 surface parking stalls.

“The City of Kamloops is a key partner in this development along with other stakeholders,” says Knaak. “We understand that housing is one of council’s key priorities." A key feature of the project is a 60-year lease of part of Spirit Square, to facilitate the affordable housing project.

"We are happy to work alongside them (the city) to help make Kamloops shine,” Knaak says.

To learn more about the development, the public is invited to an open house at nearby Red Beard Roasters on Sunday, February 25 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. More information is available on the website or on Facebook.