Published On: Friday, 05 April 2019

Parke Pacific Projects Brings Comprehensive Service Model to Okanagan

Parke Pacific Projects Brings Comprehensive Service Model to Okanagan
Stewart Parke, owner and founder of Parke Pacific Projects

KELOWNA - Parke Pacific Projects is breaking new ground in the Okanagan’s commercial construction industry. The company boasts over a century-and-a-half of combined construction experience and is now bringing a unique, comprehensive, and affordable service model to clients throughout BC and Alberta.

The company was founded two years ago by Stewart Parke, who spend two decades working in the commercial petroleum industry. When he started the company, Parke surrounded himself with a diverse team of seasoned professionals, giving the company a well-rounded knowledge of the industry.

“Right now, we have a growing reputation for building commercial retail units, and are currently moving toward precast and modular building methods,” says Dave Currie, Director of Corporate Safety. “We’ve found that these methods can save a lot of time and money for clients, and because the prefabricated products are created controlled environments, they can be built to a higher standard whilst keeping onsite construction schedules to a minimum.”

In addition to the use of prefabricated building products, Parke Pacific streamlines their construction process with their design-build services.

“Our design-build services can be extremely helpful for independent owners who are exploring the possibilities for their project,” says Currie. “We have an in-house design team that helps get the ball rolling on the initial stages of their design, development & permitting.

“Many prospective developers can be apprehensive because of the initial up-front costs. An client can spend a lot of capital procuring plans and permits for a project, only to discover that the project isn’t feasible in the first place.”

To address this problem, Parke Pacific’s design team works with with clients to develop a feasible plan for their project, which helps to save both time and money.

“As a company that’s heavily involved in the petroleum industry, we regularly work with the big players including Fortune 500 companies,” Currie continues. “With such an experienced team, we’ve learned a lot of best practices which results in a high-quality finished product that is cost-effective.

“Additionally, we’re a customer-focussed company. At the end of the day, our business is about building relationships and winning the long-term business of customers. With any project, everybody is usually in good spirits before construction is underway. For us, we need the customer to be as happy at the end of the project as they were at the beginning.”