Okanoggin Barbers Look After Customers From Head to Toe

June 8, 2023

The Okanoggin Barbers team, from left: Autumn Esselink, Richard Veillette, Michael Baxter, Eden Valentine, James Corbett, Brett Isfeld and Kelby Eichenauer. In front is Marshall Mackinnon

PENTICTONOkanoggin Barbers is able to look after their customers from head to toe.

In addition to the haircuts and renowned straight-razor hot shaves, the 254 location includes a men’s clothing store.

“We’re not a standard barber shop; it kind of has an old school barber shop meets modern world feel to it,” says Autumn Esselink, who purchased the store that was established in 2014 last Sep-tember with partner Michael Baxter. “It’s a very unique concept and we carry high end clothing like Kuwalla, OneBone, Bugatti, Tommy Bahama and Garcia – some very popular and classic lines.

“We also offer a selection of suits and Black & Lee suit rentals, as well as hosting private shave parties. Our guests can have a hot shave, social-ize and shop in a relaxed atmosphere.”

Michael Baxter and Autumn Esselink are the owners of Okanoggin Barbers

Autumn and Michael are both Barbers.

“I am third generation in the industry and just passed 20 years,” says Autumn. “Personally, this was sort of my dream goal to have a successful shop, and Michael went to barber school during the Covid pandemic, knowing we were going to be buying the shop. He is my best supporter, as he also comes from professional background in the music industry.”
Okanoggin Barbers has six Barbers that are onboard, and they are very passionate about their craft and always make customers welcome in the shop.

“Usually when you come into the shop you’re greeted by our reception, who acts as your concierge/personal stylist,” she says. “They are very knowledgeable and bring energy to the shop, while the Barbershop brings a vibe like no other.”

The hot shave is a much-in-demand service.

“Our traditional hot shaves are an experience, and they are like a spa treatment for guys,” she adds.

Okanoggin Barbers uses Splendid Bastard products to begin the hot shave, with a facial massage and hot towel preparation.

Barber Brandyn Steele at Okanoggin Barbers

“It opens the pores and softens the hair,” she states. “Barbers perform three blade passes with a hot towel applied between each pass, and finished with a cool towel to close the pores and freshen the skin. Our guests can recline and relax and let the world pass them by for a moment.

After a shave, clients have the option of taking advantage of the full circle service.

“During their visit, one of our team members can help guide them through our wide selection of retail to help them find the perfect outfit so that they can look and feel your absolute best,” Autumn states.

“We are bringing some great quality services to the community,” she adds. “We are incredibly proud to have an inclusive environment for guests and staff, where everyone will feel welcome.”



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