February 15, 2024


KELOWNAKF Aerospace announced its recent exclusive dealership agreement with Grob Aircraft SE, a leading aerospace manufacturer based in Germany, for the North American region. Under this arrangement, KF Aerospace will serve as the sole distributor for Grob products and pilot training services across Canada and the United States.

The agreement authorizes KF Aerospace to handle the marketing, sales, and leasing of Grob’s renowned aircraft and training services throughout the region. Notably, the Grob 120 aircraft has earned global recognition for its utilization in military pilot training programs, including its deployment by the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) within the Contracted Flying Training and Support (CFTS) Program in Southport, MB.

Since 2005, KF Aerospace has played a pivotal role in managing the CFTS Program alongside its Allied Wings partners, showcasing its extensive expertise in the maintenance and operation of Grob’s 120A aircraft. This expertise ensures that North American customers will benefit from a seamless and knowledgeable experience.

Tracy Medve, President & CEO of KF Aerospace, underscored the compatibility between the two aerospace entities, stating, “This partnership with Grob is a great fit for us. We have developed a solid relationship with Grob over the last 18 years and we are strong believers in the products that Grob delivers. Our extensive experience with the Grob 120A uniquely positions us to support and expand the presence of these exceptional products and services in Canada and the US.”


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