Kelowna’s Landmark District Selected For New Aerospace Marketing Centre Of Excellence

July 29, 2020

KELOWNA — Kelowna’s Landmark District will be the home to a new Centre of Excellence (CoE) for aerospace. SKYTRAC, a global leader in intelligent connectivity and satellite communications, founded in Penticton in 1986, will host the Centre of Excellence from its Landmark-based offices.

Selected from a pool of global metropolitans, including Melbourne, London, and Dallas, Kelowna’s growing technology and aerospace sectors influenced the centre’s final location. The CoE will focus on marketing initiatives for a wide variety of aerospace capabilities, including flight data recorders, emergency locator transmitters, military-grade avionics, aircraft tracking software, and satellite communications within all segments of aviation.

“This is a transformative opportunity to join a modern marketing team working on a global portfolio of aerospace technology companies that seek to solve complex problems in aviation,” mentioned Reuben Mann, Head of Marketing at SKYTRAC. “There is a lot of talent in the Okanagan, both in the workforce and within our educational institutions. My hope is that we can onboard the right talent to make an impact both locally and globally.”

The centre is also exploring partnerships with leading Okanagan universities and digital media institutes to develop co-op, internship, or directed studies programs to give students enrolled in English, Creative and Fine Art studies opportunities to accrue content marketing experience in the business-to-business (B2B) aerospace domain.

SKYTRAC’s Marketing CoE is currently hiring performance and content marketing roles to fulfill social media, graphic design, digital advertising, copywriting, and traditional marketing responsibilities. The application deadline is July 31st, 2020.

Interested applicants are encouraged to send their resumes and portfolios alongside a cover letter to Reuben Mann at Open opportunities are visible at



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