KAMPLAN: City of Kamloops Official Community Plan Adopted

April 18, 2018

KAMLOOPS – At a Public Hearing on April 17, 2018, KAMPLAN, the City’s Official Community Plan (OCP) Bylaw No. 46-1, was read a third time and adopted by Council.

The OCP provides a framework of goals and policies to guide decisions on planning and land use management within the jurisdiction of the city, and includes a plan for growth to a population of 120,000 residents.

The adopted OCP is a thorough update to KAMPLAN 2004 and is the result of a comprehensive, four-year community engagement process that included input from residents, stakeholders, First Nations, City staff, Council, and a KAMPLAN Advisory Committee. A copy of the OCP is available on the City’s website here.

Implementation of the OCP will be coordinated across all City departments. Given the community-wide scope of the OCP, implementation will also involve working with the community, government agencies, First Nations, and the private sector to achieve the goals in the OCP.

An OCP implementation strategy featuring action items, timelines, indicators, and targets will be brought to Council in the coming months. City staff will monitor and evaluate to assess how well the City is doing in achieving the OCP’s goals on an annual basis.

One of the key immediate action items within the OCP implementation strategy is to review and update the 2005 City Centre Plan.

The rebranded Downtown Plan will provide neighbourhood-level direction to guide planning and land use management for the plan’s study area, which includes the Downtown, West End, and Sagebrush neighbourhoods. City staff have already completed background research to prepare for upcoming community engagement activities in May and June. 



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