Iron Mask Industrial Park Rezoning Application Approved

May 31, 2023

Location of the Iron Mask Industrial Park in Kamloops. Photo Credit: Katelyn Faulkner Photography.

KAMLOOPSComet Industries Ltd.’s rezoning application for the development of Iron Mask Industrial Park has been approved after a public hearing hosted by the City of Kamloops on May 30, 2023.

The public hearing provided the public with the opportunity to comment on the proposed rezoning of the Company’s 190-acre property between Sugarloaf Road and Bowers Place from “Agricultural” and Future Development Area” to “Light Industrial” – site specific to allow general industry; RV sales, service and/or rental; and laundry and dry cleaning, and “Open Space” to allow an industrial park and privately owned open space.

“This rezoning approval is a significant step forward for Comet Industries and its vision for the Iron Mark Industrial Park,” noted Randy Lambright, Sr. Project Consultant with Comet Industries.

With the zoning amendment approved, Iron Mask Industrial Park will now work on the next steps.

“The next steps of the project will involve environmental remediation efforts as well as significant earthwork to prepare the site for construction and infrastructure development,” noted Lambright. “The Company is looking forward to engaging with local contractors and suppliers to maximize the economic benefits for the local community.”

Iron Mask Industrial Park sits on the land of the former Iron Mask mine active until the 1980s. With the rezoning approval, the project is on track to have available lots for lease or sale by 2024 or 2025.

“The industrial park will play a pivotal role in enhancing economic diversity and attracting new businesses to the region. Since the initial announcement in September 2022, we have had significant interest in the park with most of the inquiries coming from local companies seeking additional space to facilitate their business growth,” Lambright added.

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