Hero Security Company Ltd. Protecting Businesses And Residences

May 18, 2023

Hero Security Company Ltd. provides services to many businesses in the Okanagan

KELOWNA – Security concerns and homelessness issues have made services provided by Hero Security Company Ltd. even more in demand.

“There is more growth in homelessness in the area and more crime in the downtown area, so people in the city are most concerned about security,” says company President Harjit Toora, who founded the business in 2006. “Businesses are most affected these days, but also residences in particular areas, and they are feeling they need more security.”

Hero Security Company is a multiple award (Consumer Choice Award, Quality Business award, Top 3 Security guard Companies, Canadian Business Award) winning company that offers security guards, mobile security patrol services, special event security, emergency express security services, construction site security and loss prevention officers.

Hero Security Company Ltd. owner Harjit Toora speaks to a group of business leaders

“We have started guard mobile patrol, alarm response and security guard services for construction sites,” says Toora. “We also do lock-ups, parking security, apartment complex security and unarmed guards. We do almost everything.”

Hero Security has expanded significantly, with staff ranging from 50 to 100 depending on the need and season.

They serve the area from Osoyoos to Kamloops, including Penticton, West Kelowna, Winfield, Lake Country and Vernon, and they also have a guard in Princeton. They have a mobile office in Prince George, and recently opened an office in Abbotsford in the lower mainland and Vernon too. Toora says the company will be expanding even further into other areas.

“We are seeing more demand for all of our services, but these days the most popular one is our emergency guard express service,” he says. “If someone calls about a break-in at midnight and there is nobody to answer the call, we can and do, because we offer our services 24 hours a day, and we promise to get someone there within a very limited time.”

They also have a sister company, Hero Security System Ltd., which offers CCTV, Video Monitoring, Alarm installation and Access Cards. With surveillance technology such as security cameras, customers can be protected against theft, vandalism and even potential acts of violence. Security systems can provide peace of mind to both property owners and visitors, ensuring that people feel safe in their surroundings.

There is also the added benefit of providing protection from cyber threats through using encrypted networks and monitoring for suspicious activities.

Hero’s website states: “Investing in a CCTV system is a tried-and-true way to provide comprehensive protection for a business. These systems can detect break-ins, and when automated, alert the authorities quickly. In addition to serving as a deterrent for would-be intruders, the video will also provide valuable footage that can assist in investigation efforts.”

Toora says that all of the services and products are helpful to properties and residences who are vulnerable to attack from unwanted criminal elements.

“Is a business protected? Have they installed the right alarms and put the right people to keep watch on the property? Have they thought of a plant to secure the home or store from criminals?,” he asks. “These are all tough questions, but we can help people find the right answers to keep their homes and businesses secure and guarded.”


By Mark MacDonald


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