‘Gasping’ for Success

April 8, 2016

SALES – A young ambitious sales professional wished to be top dog, not just in his company, but in his industry, so he sought counsel from a wise man. “Tell me, oh wise man, what do I need, in order to be the best sales professional in my business?”

To which, the wise man commanded the young man to bring him a pail of water. Thirty minutes later the ambitious salesman returns with a bucket, overflowing with water. “Now, submerge your head in the water” the wise man commanded. So without questioning, the young contender, placed his head, up to the nape of his neck in water. The wise man then gently placed the palm of his strongest hand and the back of the young man’s head.

For the first minute, nothing happened. Then, the young salesman, running out of breath, attempted to take his head out. At this point the wise man put considerably more pressure on the submerged head, such that it remained fully submersed.

With no more air in his lungs, the young man, began to flail about in a desperate attempt to escape certain death. The wise man continued to hold his head under water, until the salesman’s sustained attempts to escape reached fever pitch…at which point the old man released his vice like grip. The young man head shot out of the water desperately gasping for air.

“Why did you do that?” he demanded, to which the sage responded, “To show you what you need, to be the best.”

“I don’t get it”, the salesman retorted.

“It’s simple” the wise man counseled…”when you want success as much as you just wanted oxygen, then you’ll be successful”

– John Glennon is the owner of Insight Sales Consulting Inc, an authorized Sandler Training Licensee. He can be reached at jglennon@sandler.com, toll free at 1-866-645-2047 or visit www.glennon.sandler.com.

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