May 30, 2024

The Women of Emil Anderson Group Committee is a new initiative for the company

KELOWNA – In 2023, the Emil Anderson Group marked its 85th anniversary as a family-owned and operated company in B.C. Today, the team continues making strategic moves to propel the firm forward into the future.

With this in mind, Emil Anderson Group has spent the last year creating a more diverse organization by introducing new initiatives.

“Corporately we have developed a Business Development and Indigenous Relationships department that will focus on working, engaging, and communicating with Indigenous communities throughout the province,” says Director of Employment Engagement, Crystal Alseth.

In addition, Alseth has spearheaded another new initiative focused on workplace inclusivity, the Women of Emil Anderson Group Committee.

Since its establishment last year, the Women of EAG Committee has fostered a supportive community for women within the company and the broader construction industry.

“We organize networking events in our main service areas, facilitate attendance at conferences and seminars, offer training opportunities, and sponsor local events that promote women in construction,” Alseth states. “Recently, we have implemented a Parental Leave Policy and have also introduced new safety vests that are designed for women, by women, enhancing both comfort and practicality.”

Emil Anderson is vertically structured with six different operating companies throughout the province: Emil Anderson Construction, a heavy civil company; Emil Anderson Maintenance, a highway maintenance company; Emil Anderson Properties, a land acquisition and development division; Dilworth Homes, a residential builder; Gerry Enns Contracting, a commercial builder, and Ballina Contracting, a civil construction and traffic control company.

The firm has doubled its employee base since 2019, including acquiring new divisions through acquisitions in Terrace and the Fraser Valley. It has been awarded and successfully executed several large-scale infrastructure projects as a sought-after JV partner, and acquired an additional highway maintenance service area through the competitive bid process.

Alseth has been with the company for 17 years; her current position encompasses a wide range of functions related to the executive team as well as the broader employee base. This includes seamless operation of the office environments, planning and overseeing company events, promoting employee mental health and wellness, managing corporate internal communications, and leading various community-focused corporate initiatives.

The Women of EAG Committee actively works to enhance the representation of women in the company

Although Emil Anderson and its associated companies have grown rapidly in recent years, Alseth notes they are committed to maintaining their people-focused, values-based organizational culture, and dedicated to fostering equal opportunities for all.

“The Women of EAG Committee is actively working to enhance the representation of women in our organization, which currently has 17 percent female employees. Our goal is not merely to meet quotas—we genuinely value the unique perspectives and skills that women bring to our workforce. By empowering and supporting our current female staff, we believe we will see organic growth within our gender diversity. Furthermore, our initiatives extend to collaborating with local colleges and universities to educate young women about the professional paths available in the industry.

Emil Anderson Group takes pride in being a family-owned and operated company.

“We are a people-first organization who leans into our values: Safety, Leadership, Improvement, Commitment, Excellence,” she adds. “Being vertically integrated has provided stability regardless of the market, which has allowed us to retain top talent through the ups and downs.”

“We have always placed a strong emphasis on giving back to the communities we operate in and this community-driven approach continues to bolster the Emil Anderson legacy.”


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