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March 21, 2018

KAMLOOPS – The success of any organization can be attributed to many factors. One of the most important factors is having highly skilled leaders who are committed to creating a high-performance culture that is built on trust and respect.

The Kamloops Chamber of Commerce is passionate about developing business leaders. Our community’s future depends on it. And we know that, while leadership basics can be taught in the classroom, there is nothing like utilizing what you learn directly in your own workplace and with your own team.

That is why we have developed a course that answers to both. The Kamloops Chamber is pleased to announce that we are now taking applications for our new Leadership Kamloops training program.

The Kamloops Chamber of Commerce is working with New Quest Coaching & Consulting to give participants an excellent foundation in some of the leadership skills required to successfully lead their teams or departments.

Leadership Kamloops is based upon New Quest’s popular “The Balanced Leader” program. Leaders today must not only possess the necessary education or training and technical/process skills; they must also be equally balanced in their soft skills.

Those soft skills include the ability as leaders to coach, effectively communicate, deal with conflict, hold staff accountable, develop a high functioning team, manage behavioural change, earn trust and respect while achieving their departmental or organizational goals.

Ask any leader where most of their challenges and frustrations come from, and most will say the attitude and the behaviour of their staff.

Throw in the huge shift in the labour market where the majority of workers will come from the Millennials and you now have the need for leaders to be able to manage and lead a multigenerational workforce where each generation has a very different attitude and perspective around work and leadership expectations.

These are the key reasons that Leadership Kamloops was developed; to help leaders balance their technical skills with the necessary soft skills, which are fundamentally important when it comes to managing human behaviours in the workplace.

Leadership Kamloops is designed with the business manager in mind. Scheduled once a month in eight four-hour small group modules, this program makes it easy for the busy team leader to participate.

Because there is limited space, each participant will receive the attention they require to address their particular training needs.

For a curriculum synopsis and application form, click here.

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