Association of Interior Realtors Welcomes New President and Board

March 21, 2023


KELOWNA –The Association of Interior Realtors has a new Board of Directors.

Chelsea Mann, a licensed Realtor practicing in the Kamloops area, was elected President, leading a board of 10 realtors and succeeding President Lyndi Cruickshank.

“I am honoured to take on the role of President of the Association of Interior Realtor. I am committed to serving all of our members and advocating for their interests. As our association now covers a wider area across British Columbia, we are poised to provide even stronger support for realtors in their communities, and I look forward to working with our members to advance our shared goals,” says Mann.

Mann last served as President of the former Kamloops and District Real Estate Association and brings 16 years of real estate experience and leadership skills to the board, as well as a fresh take on industry issues and solutions. Mann also brings 5 years of experience and knowledge having served on various committees and taskforces – both within the real estate industry and regional entities. Kaytee Sharun succeeds Mann in the role of Vice President.

Cruickshank was elected President in 2022 to become the second President of the newly formed Association of Interior Realtors. She will continue on as a Director in the role of Past President.

Mann, Sharun and Cruickshank will be joined by newly elected Directors Maria Besso, Jaime Briggs, Don Gagnon, Steve Jamieson and Kadin Rainville. The full 2023/2024 Association Board of Directors additionally includes Stephanie Braun, Ryan Malcolm and Bruce Seitz.

The new Board of Directors take office effective April 14th and supports the work of approximately 2,600 local realtors, which, in turn, offer protection and peace of mind for local real estate consumers.

Business Examiner Staff

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