February 13, 2024

A backyard putting green was built by Vandenberg Landscaping at this house in Langley

CHILLIWACK – The Vandenberg family is known for their “green thumbs”, and it’s the third generation that is leading Vandenberg Landscaping, which is celebrating 45 years in business.

Matt Vandenberg is now President and owner of the company that his grandfather, Gerardus Vandenberg, a stonemason and market gardener originally started in Ontario after emigrating from Holland and transforming his skills into the landscaping business. His son, Henry, Matt’s father, moved to BC nearly 50 years ago and started what was then known as Vandenberg’s Landscaping in 1978.

Matt, who grew up learning the craft from his father, then added to that knowledge by working with outside firms for three years to gain different perspectives about how other companies operate. He took over the reins of the firm in 2002 and it earned multiple awards at the Home And Garden Show at BC Place over the years, and he has continued to grow it, while also starting a pair of sister companies with partners: Vandenberg Maintenance and Viva Outdoor Living.

Vandenberg Landscaping takes a collaborative approach with their team members and clients

One of the keys to the longevity and success that Vandenberg Landscaping has enjoyed has been their willingness to ask a simple question of clients: Why?

“We believe that asking this question is the most important first step we can take with our clients,” says Matt. “Because when we start with ‘why?, we get to know them and what it is that they value in life.”

This purpose-driven process is where Vandenberg Landscaping’s best designs come from, and what sets them apart from others. It’s one of the most important ways they accomplish their mission, to improve the way people experience landscape services.

It also results in projects like the “rustic ranch”, a maintenance-friendly design on a farm-style lot in Chilliwack that has undergone three different projects with Vandenberg over a 14 year period. The homeowner wanted meaningful additions made as their children grew, and key design elements include natural stonework, water features and a putting green.

“This has been effective for us because our goal is not just to landscape and build stuff at people’s homes. but rather to understand why they want it,” Matt says, explaining their consultative approach. “With this knowledge we can often design and implement items that they had never considered because we know why they have brought us in.

A Vandenberg Landscaping project on Yale Road in Chilliwack featuring a pool

“Sometime the ‘why’ is family, other times it’s party, and some even just want to show off. But when we know the ‘why’ we can create something that is stunning.”

Matt is one of two owners at the firm, along with Pat Vandenberg, Matt’s brother who recently bought into the company and he says “we have a plan to grow into some interesting new work and are excited to see if we can take our why philosophy into design build commercial  work and also into new build residential.

“We have been very successful in the landscape renovation industry. We create outdoor spaces for people that have moved from the young family stage and are now looking for something more adult-oriented,” he adds. “This has allowed us to work for some clients two or three times to create new spaces as their circumstances change.”

Matt is proud of his highly trained and qualified staff.

“It takes a long time to learn what we do and we spend the time to teach our staff so that they can share their knowledge with others that join our team ,” he notes. “We have a motto that we are landscapers, not wheelbarrow pushers and hole diggers, and we have never been afraid to invest in equipment, trucks or anything else that will help our teams.”



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