June 4, 2024

DELTA – A study has determined there is room in Delta’s local hotel market for a mixed-use accommodation with commercial space on the former Delta Hotel site in Ladner Village. The results of the Ladner Village Accommodation Feasibility Study, initiated in April, will be reviewed by Delta Council at their Regular Meeting on June 3, 2024.

“The study looked at a number of sources, including local market and custom data, and found that a mixed-use accommodation is economically viable and would work well for Ladner Village,” said Mike Brotherston, the City’s Director of Corporate Services. “With the results of the study now available, Delta Council will consider whether an anchor tenant of this nature will complement the community and achieve the goal of making a significant impact on the revitalization of Ladner Village by bringing tourism and vibrancy to the area.”

The City’s accommodation consultant proposes an 88-unit aparthotel model, which is a cross between a hotel and a holiday apartment. Instead of individual hotel rooms, the aparthotel has small apartments with their own bathroom and kitchen. Aparthotel rooms are booked nightly (a hotel stay model) or rented monthly (a short-term apartment rental model). The aparthotel model has rapidly emerged as a trend in the accommodation market because of its financial return for the hotel and the flexibility and appeal to the traveler.

The study suggests introducing approximately half the aparthotel units to the hotel market using a phased approach, with the remaining units rented as short-term apartments. The aparthotel could occupy up to six stories with a rooftop patio to be used for, or as an extension of, an onsite restaurant. The study also estimates that the property and tenants will create over 100 jobs.

“It is important to note that the aparthotel is one of several accommodation models that could work in this location and the next steps, should Council wish to proceed, would be to test the interest from the market,” continued Brotherston.

Subject to a decision by Council, the staff report recommends the creation of an Expression of Interest to establish a short list of proponents to bring forward formal proposals for consideration. It also recommends that the City conduct an engagement process to involve the community in developing the criteria that would be used to score the proposals.

A copy of the staff report and a feasibility study, with select information redacted to maintain the integrity of the EOI process, can be found at:

The City of Delta is moving forward on plans to revitalize Ladner Village based on the findings of the 2021 Ladner Village Renewal Advisory Committee. Seven projects have been identified for advancement over the next few years including:

  • A destination playground at Spot-on-the-Water Park
  • Upgrades to Chisholm Street wharf
  • A new multi-use pathway and road configuration on Chisholm Street
  • A new tourist accommodation on the former Delta Hotel site
  • Upgrades to Elliott Street wharf
  • Additional pop-up parks and events to create pedestrian fun
  • A branding, signage and wayfinding strategy

The City is currently engaging with the community about the projects, providing residents with an opportunity to learn more and share their feedback as the City prepares to move them forward. Work on a few of the initiatives has started including consultation on the Bridge Street pop-up park, a feasibility study for a hotel, and remediation of the Chisholm Street wharf. Information about this work can be found at

Source: City of Delta


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