January 23, 2024

Mayor Nicole MacDonald of Pitt Meadows

PITT MEADOWS – City Council officially endorsed the new Agricultural Viability Strategy after several months of research and consultation with members of the agricultural sector and the public. The new strategy identifies opportunities to strengthen the local agriculture and agri-food sector and recommends actions specific to Pitt Meadows.

“This strategy is comprehensive and personalized for Pitt Meadows thanks to the integral feedback we received from our Agricultural Advisory Committee, agricultural community, and residents,” says Mayor Nicole MacDonald. “I want to thank everyone who provided their feedback and expertise to help create a modern vision for a sustainable, viable, and resilient agriculture and agri-food sector in Pitt Meadows.”

The Agricultural Viability Strategy includes a vision for agriculture in Pitt Meadows as a robust and thriving sector where farmers are valued, productive lands are supported, and producers are equipped to adapt to changing social, economic, and environmental conditions. Five major goals with corresponding recommended actions support this vision to guide municipal planning efforts for the short and long-term. Short-term implementation actions are already underway, with funding recently awarded from the Investment Agriculture Foundation, for a detailed water study.

“This is a priority for Pitt Meadows, as nearly 80% of our land is within the Agricultural Land Reserve. The strategy focuses on solutions that align with the City’s Official Community Plan and are within the jurisdiction of local government,” says Chief Administrative Officer Mark Roberts. “It provides important direction for City policies and initiatives to ensure we address current and emerging challenges, such as climate change, infrastructure, and succession planning for the aging farming population.”

The development of the Agricultural Viability Strategy began in May 2023 and included surveys and interviews with those operating within the agriculture sector and the general public, as well as in-person engagement opportunities at City events and facilities throughout the summer and fall.

Visit pittmeadows.ca/agriculture to read the full Agricultural Viability Strategy.

Source: City of Pitt Meadows


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