June 11, 2024

The Langley Secondary School addition includes the construction of a 300-seat addition to help with enrolment pressure. The addition will include general instruction classrooms, foods classrooms, a science lab and special education rooms and is expected to cost approximately $28.9 million. Photo credit: archives

LANGLEY – The City of Langley will gain 200 more student spaces at Nicomekl Elementary school as part of the government’s investment to expand schools.

The addition will include eight classrooms connected by corridors and storage for students’ personal belongings. The use of prefabricated construction means it will be built quickly, with the new addition expected to be ready for students by fall 2025.

Recognizing the needs of the growing community, the $12-million investment is in addition to the Province’s investment of more than $239 million to create 1,835 new student seats in the Langley School District over the past six years. This includes the new 555-seat Northeast Latimer Elementary school expected to be ready by fall 2025, and the 300-seat addition at Langley Secondary school expected to be ready by winter 2025-26. The 275-seat expansion at Peter Ewart middle school is expected to be ready by January 2025 and the 150-seat prefabricated addition to Richard Bulpitt Elementary school is expected to be ready by fall 2024. A site purchase has also been made for future Willoughby secondary and middle schools, and the Donna Gabriel Robins Elementary school opened for students in September 2021.

Candy Ashdown, chair, Langley Board of Education, said: “We are excited for this project and recognize that this addition will relieve enrollment pressures at Nicomekl Elementary and neighbouring schools. As our school communities grow, our board will continue to advocate for more spaces and work with the Ministry of Education and Child Care to support students.”

Budget 2024 includes $3.75 billion for school capital projects over the next three years, including new and expanded schools, seismic upgrades and replacements, and land purchases for future schools.

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