March 20, 2024

DELTA – The City of Delta has announced the pending purchase of properties located at 4940 Chisholm Street and 4926 Delta Street in Ladner Village.

This strategic acquisition represents a significant step in the City’s efforts to revitalize Ladner Village through a new mixed-use development that would attract visitors from across the region to the charming and picturesque Ladner Village.

Staff have commissioned a study to assess the feasibility of a hotel at this location and determine the appropriate mix of other commercial uses such as restaurants and retail to establish a tourism destination and support the ongoing revitalization of the waterfront. A new hotel would also be a nod to the historical use of the area as a waterfront hotel in the late 1880s. The Delta Hotel was located on the corner of Elliott Street and Chisholm Street until it was destroyed by a fire in 1923. The City has also made investments in watermain and sanitary upgrades in Ladner Village in recent years, ensuring the necessary infrastructure to support continued growth.

The City will be providing tenants time to allow for relocation before the decommissioning of the existing buildings at 4940 Chisholm Street and 4926 Delta Street in preparation for development.

“This land assembly is an exciting opportunity for the City as we work towards revitalizing Ladner Village,” said Mayor George V. Harvie. “Recent consultation with Tourism Delta and the Delta Chamber of Commerce regarding Delta’s community tourism plan have highlighted the need for short-term accommodations in the region. I look forward to further collaboration and engagement with businesses and the community to ensure Ladner Village remains a unique and desirable destination for residents and visitors alike.”

Community engagement on the proposal to redevelop the site will occur following the receipt of the feasibility study results, which would then be presented to Council. Collaboration with the Ladner Business Association and Delta Chamber of Commerce, and Tourism Delta will be integral to this process. The City will commence preparations for land redevelopment after existing businesses have relocated, including decommissioning buildings and conducting geotechnical, environmental, and archaeological assessments as required.

The site acquisition and redevelopment are part of a series of initiatives related to Ladner Village Revitalization, detailed in a staff report to be received by Delta Council at the March 18, 2024, Regular Meeting.

Source: City of Delta

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