April 9, 2024


LANGLEY – In response to needs identified in our most recent Membership Survey, as part of our 2024 workplan the Langley Chamber has launched a Data for Business initiative which will share more economic data, reports and analysis through our communication channels.

Information on where the economy is going, which sectors are hiring or which are raising prices, or how consumer spending is trending is key data for businesses to have at their disposal, and the Langley Chamber wants to help local businesses access this without hunting for it themselves.

“Data For Business” will be an effort of the Langley Chamber, supported by the Canadian Chamber and their Business Data Lab, and will aim to bring easy-to-access economic data and headlines to help inform our members and their business and investment decisions.  Key economic information around GDP growth, labour force statistics, business sentiment, and other key data will be summarized and shared on the Chamber’s website, weekly newsletter, and its social channels.  In addition, broader reports or deeper dives into local or specific data sets will augment this regular economic reporting.

“Our members told us they value the Chamber providing easy access to key economic data, so we’re pleased to be dedicating more focus on gathering this information with our national Canadian Chamber colleagues, and delivering it to our local business community,” says Cory Redekop, CEO of the Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce.

Cory Redekop is the CEO of the Langley Chamber of Commerce.

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