July 2, 2024

SURREY – Surrey City Council awarded a contract to Archistar Pty. Ltd. for an automated rule-based zoning bylaw compliance tool for a three-year term in the amount of $1,581,690.00 (including applicable taxes).

Called ‘eCheck,’ this tool aims to streamline zoning bylaw compliance issues in residential building permit applications, improving the quality of applications and speeding up the permitting process.

“We’re addressing Surrey’s growing housing needs with innovative solutions to ensure our community is supported as it grows,” said Mayor Brenda Locke. “The goal of this tool is to help speed up the permitting process and help accelerate housing development. We’re committed to being a leader in urban planning and development, and this new tool will help us achieve our vision of building a vibrant, sustainable, and livable city for all.”

With the eCheck software, single-family developers will be available to vet their submissions for preliminary compliance with the City’s zoning requirements in advance of a formal application. Through this system, developers can receive instant feedback on their permit applications, enhancing certainty to the quality of submissions, reducing the plan checking efforts and accelerating the delivery of housing in our community. This software will not remove the role of the plan checker in the approval process.

Through a competitive procurement process, Archistar demonstrated that its automated rule-based zoning bylaw compliance software can produce an accurate review of common zoning non-compliance issues such as building height and setbacks. Staff will begin the implementation of eCheck for rollout later this year.

The contract includes implementation, annual licensing, and support, with an option to extend for up to two one-year extensions at the sole discretion of the City.

Business Examiner Staff

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