Tahltan Nation Signs Impact-Benefit Agreement Regarding the Silvertip Mine

January 21, 2021

The Silvertip mine is located just below the Yukon border

NORTHERN BC/DEASE LAKE – The Tahltan Nation and Coeur Silvertip Holdings Ltd.  a wholly-owned subsidiary of Coeur Mining, Inc., announced the signing of a comprehensive Impact-Benefit Agreement in connection with the Company’s Silvertip silver-zinc-lead mine located in northern British Columbia.

“The Tahltan Central Government is very pleased to establish an IBA with Coeur Silvertip for the Silvertip mine located in the northern portion of Tahltan Territory. Our nation will work collaboratively and in partnership with the Company to fully implement this agreement immediately. We have a shared vision of empowering Tahltan workers, entrepreneurs and companies while working together to mitigate the mine’s impacts to our Tahltan Territory, culture and values,” said Chad Norman Day, President of Tahltan Central Government.

The IBA provides a framework for a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship between the Tahltan Nation and Coeur Silvertip, and supports Coeur’s commitment to socially and environmentally responsible mining.

“I am happy that we have signed an IBA with Coeur Silvertip that ensures our Tahltan environmental concerns and economic interests are respected,” said Chief Marie Quock of the Iskut Band Council.

“We are honored to have the Tahltan Nation’s support for Silvertip and take our commitments to uphold Tahltan values, including respect for the land, very seriously. The IBA lays the foundation for a strong partnership and shared benefits between Coeur Silvertip and the Tahltan Nation by aligning our interests across several key measures of success at Silvertip, including environmental protection, employment and economic opportunities for surrounding First Nations communities and financial returns, among others. This agreement is also an important step towards a potential restart and expansion of operating activities at Silvertip,” added Terry F.D. Smith, Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer of Coeur Mining




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