Published On: Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Rural BC Receives Internet Investment

Rural BC Receives Internet Investment
The $305-million Connecting Canadians program will extend and enhance broadband service to over 300,000 households across Canada.

BC - For most Canadians, access to affordable and reliable broadband networks is an important part of everyday life. However, communities outside urban centres often face challenges in accessing Internet service at levels comparable to those in cities due to factors such as remote location and challenging terrain.

"A strong digital economy is the backbone of Canada's future prosperity, and that begins with ensuring all citizens have access to fast, reliable Internet connections,” says Tony Geheran, TELUS Executive Vice-President and President of Broadband Networks. “This new partnership with the Government of Canada will make it possible for us to extend our existing investment to connect even more rural Canadian families to the emerging digital economy and the educational, medical, social and cultural opportunities this connectivity creates, thereby strengthening our communities and the fabric of our nation."

Ten British Columbia Internet service providers are receiving a total of approximately $16 million from the Government of Canada to increase broadband Internet access for approximately 23,000 households throughout rural British Columbia. The Government of British Columbia is also providing approximately $3.4 million for six of the projects through its Connecting British Columbia program.

"Access to high-speed Internet is increasingly important in today's technical world, especially in rural and remote regions,” says Amrik Virk, BC’s Minister of Technology, Innovation and Citizens' Services. “This latest investment will help local British Columbia service providers, both small and large, expand Internet service to thousands of households in the north, south and interior regions of the province, and it complements investments made through our Connecting British Columbia program. As part of our #BCTECH Strategy, we are committed to providing high-speed Internet access to 100 percent of the province by 2021, and today's announcement takes us one step further toward meeting this goal."

Canadians in all parts of the country need access to high-speed Internet to take advantage of new economic and business opportunities and to connect with friends and family in Canada and beyond.

This funding through the Connecting Canadians program will provide the communities with access to broadband at speeds of five megabits per second or more.