April 15, 2024

PRINCE GEORGENechako Steel & Machine Ltd. has expanded steadily in the fabrication and machining industry since 2015. Their recent addition of thermal arc spray welding services has them anticipating further growth in the future.

“Thermal arc has been a very good asset for us, as there are not many companies in the north that offer this process,” says owner Kevin Girard.

“Spray welding has been around forever, but there have been many advances over the years, and we have one of the latest versions that allows us to make repairs to many types of materials, which means we can save a lot of parts for the mining, pulp and paper, and other sectors.”

Left, spray weld repair cast pump housing, right, spray weld repair of Pump Mill device shaft.

“We have done a lot of work for lumber and pulp and paper industries, but we also do work in mining and commercial sectors,” he says. “Because we are using the latest technology in thermal arc spray welding, it allows us to make repairs on both ferrous including cast iron and non-ferrous base materials. That’s the really nice thing about it.”

The company was originally formed to provide customers with the highest quality products from the design stages through to completion. Their 9,000 square foot location at 1994 Quinn Street South includes fully equipped machine and fabrication shops, and their in-house design team of draftsmen allows for complete, in-house design/build services, using AutoCAD and Fusion 360 software suites.

They are able to take a customers’ project from an idea to reality using the most up to date software available. If someone comes to them with a sketch or rough drawing, they can put it to their draftsmen and they can design exactly what they need. They do custom work, and there are not many projects that they have to turn down.

Left, machine edger components, right, machine aluminum support brackets

Their fabrication shop is staffed with certified fabricators and CWB-certified welders, the machine shop is equipped with manual and CNC equipment, so they have the milling and turning capabilities to do large and small jobs, including precision machining or custom fabricated components with top quality coatings.

Nechako Steel & Machine’s team of 10 is dedicated to detail and prides themselves with the highest quality workmanship, which has gained the company a strong customer base.

More examples of Nechako Steel’s quality work and expertise

“We have always offered great service and we have a wonderful team of talented tradespeople and dual tradespeople,” he notes. “We’ve had this team together for several years now, and some of them have been with us for 20 years.”

The company’s growth has been consistent, and the addition of the new services is expected to have that continue.

“We have the most up-to-date spray welding equipment in Prince George, so we have the ability to repair many types of materials and components, saving customers money and downtime,” Girard explains. “We’ve always provided high quality workmanship and support to back it up.”

Business Examiner Staff


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