Published On: Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Victoria Business-Family Governance Seminar Coming May 11

Victoria Business-Family Governance Seminar Coming May 11

GREATER VICTORIA - The Vancouver Island Family Business Association (FBAVI) will be hosting a family business governance event on May 11, 2017 at Cedar Hill Golf Course.

In this practical, real world seminar, participants will be invited to explore the ways effective governance can be a meaningful framework for maximizing the long-term harmony between a unified business-family and a thriving family enterprise.

Governance is an essential tool for business-families who what to improve communication, resolve differences and have a shared framework for decision-making. We will further explore the motivation to govern and review governance protocols and functions, and the structural frameworks appropriate for each stage of a family owned enterprise. Additionally, participants will be presented with mini-case studies to examine.

Facilitated dialogue and experiential learning will add to the seminar experience and contribute to greater participant awareness about the long-term benefits offered through the practice of effective business – family governance.

Join Francine Z. Carlin, Certified Family Business Advisor and Principal of Business Harmonizer Group, serving business-families for over 17 years, for this fundamental seminar.

Seminar deliverables include:

  • Learn how to speak with family, employees and other stakeholders about the purpose and benefits of governance;
  • Understand how the shared interests of family as family, family as employees and family as owners will influence governance practices;
  • Review the fundamental policies that are the foundation for effective governance;
  • Learn about the Business Family Governance Charter project;
  • Learn about independent business advisory councils/boards;
  • Design a governance structure that is the best fit for your family enterprise

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