Published On: Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Think Local First: Strengthening Local Business

Think Local First: Strengthening Local Business

- Think Local First is a non-profit society directed by a group of enthusiastic volunteers who are all small business owners in Greater Victoria. Peter Cavin, author of this article, is a Director at Country Grocer, a member of Think Local First.

GREATER VICTORIA - Country Grocer is celebrating 33 successful years on Vancouver Island and Salt Spring Island. We are proud to say we are 100 per cent Island owned and operated with 7 locations.

We feel it’s important to keep business here on the island. We can invest more in our community and we are the ‘local guys’ and one of just a handful of island owned grocery chains left on the island.

Our team is friendly and helpful; we offer competitive pricing, great customer service, convenient locations and a wide variety of locally sourced products. Our customers are also our friends.

Teaming up with Think Local First made sense. Think Local First is a not for profit organization that is committed to strengthening local, independent businesses and helping consumers understand the huge beneficial impact they can make on our community by shopping at them.

The organization educates and encourages local customers to shift 10 per cent of their spending directly to locally owned businesses. It goes a long way. The better local businesses do, the more they can help build and sustain our community.

I admire the amazing group of talented and hardworking local business owners and employees who truly want to make a difference in our community. Embrace and nurture what makes our community unique and make greater Victoria a destination.

Thank you for supporting Country Grocer over the last 33 years. We truly appreciate your business and being part of your community.

Visit to see a list of members, find out about their reward program or to join!