PARKSVILLE – Modern, sleek and built to last, Aux Box prefab rooms are an example of form and function coming together in a visually striking design package.

Aux Box

Co-founders Morgan Seeber (left) and Landon Sheck launched Aux Box from a humble Quonset hut in Parksville in 2018. Two years later, their business, workspace and customer base have grown.

Founded by Landon Sheck and Morgan Seeber in 2018, Aux Box began humbly.

“Morgan and I both had small construction businesses at the time, mine in Nanaimo and Morgan’s in Gibsons,” explains Landon. “We had actually discussed a similar idea to Aux Box years prior, but shelved it. We revisited the concept under a reduced structure in scope, making the minimum viable product something we felt we could handle at the time, as Morgan was about to be a first-time parent, and I was expecting my second child.”

The team took six months to build their first prototype, the 106 Model, throwing a small launch event at their small Quonset hut shop in Parksville in 2018. Being well-received, they pressed on, a short year later selling their very first unit. Today, the duo have sold over a dozen, with more under construction in a brand new facility.

Aux Box

Low-impact installations mean Aux Box prefabs can be placed nearly anywhere, with limited disruption of the natural landscape

Together, they create unique prefabs for a variety of uses, from home office to art studio, guest room or yoga space; almost any application their clients conceive, they can make a reality. Aux Box’s bold designs are one-hundred-percent prefabricated, ready to move into upon installation, integrating the best quality products into a thoughtfully designed system, producing next to no waste during production and nearly zero maintenance over the life of the product.

“The combination of skills Morgan and I have, we can literally create an Aux Box from scratch by ourselves, from design to delivery. If need be, we could keep producing Aux Boxes without relying on anyone else,” elaborates Landon. “Obviously that’s not scalable, but it is a great foundation for a product-centric startup. Our product may be better for a number of reasons, but really it boils down to the desire for a perfect result. This could be read as us being overly stubborn about quality, but hey, this business lives or dies based on the long-term performance of the product. No shortcuts.”

From office space to guest room, and dozens of uses in between, the Aux Box team creates deeply stylish, comfortable spaces on budget, offsite and with little waste

Luckily, the two entrepreneurs don’t have to pursue their vision alone, with six employees on staff and the support of talented subcontractors helping scale the Aux Box brand; a brand that is client-focused and dedicated to environmentally sound production from conception to completion.

“It’s important to us that our clients feel like nothing is being hidden from them,” says Morgan. “We encourage questions. Our process is as transparent as possible, and we stick to the price we give. This is a big deal for anyone who knows the woes of a renovation or building project. The benefits of prefabrication are control of the entire project in a dry, safe facility, and therefore, control of costs and waste. This is exciting for the construction industry. We’re offering the market another viable, affordable, convenient option to build spaces.”

Aux Box prefab rooms offer clients an expanded space that compliments rather than compromises the aesthetic of their homes

As their business has grown, so too has their ambition. They are currently creating a larger unit to act as a small ADU (Additional Dwelling Unit), with a bathroom and kitchenette option, solving a number of quality affordable housing issues.

Elaborates Landon, “It’s an environmentally friendly production and low impact installation, meaning it can be placed almost anywhere without much disruption to the existing property. We intend to begin production in the Spring of 2021, with sales this fall.”

Aux Box products are designed for the BC environment, which allows for enough diversity that they can be installed almost anywhere in North America. The team is proud to be a business born from such environs.

Concludes Landon, “I’ve seen a bit of the world, but we have something very special here in British Columbia. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”