Merchant House Capital Inc. announced the off-market acquisiton of Blanshard Block in Victoria. This approximately 18,000 sq. f. of improved lands on Blanshard St. incorporates three fully tenanted propertes between Fort Street and View Street in Victoria’s financial district.

Located along Victoria’s burgeoning tech corridor and vibrant Fort Street retail scene, and anchored by the Montrose Apartments and Monk Office, Blanshard Block represents an excellent opportunity to build value through actve management and longer term repositoning.

 Merchant House Capital Inc. is currently developing the Victoria Press Building, a 300,000 sq. f. mixed-use project in Victoria’s new Midtown neighbourhood. The project is transforming Midtown, creatng a cultural and commercial hub of media, arts, entertainment, technology and educaton; all intersectng in a single thriving locaton where people will work, play and live.