Published On: Tuesday, 07 March 2017

Nanaimo's Upcoming Transportation Survey Looks at Big Picture

Nanaimo's Upcoming Transportation Survey Looks at Big Picture
The survey counts are being undertaken in collaboration with the Regional District of Nanaimo, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and BC Transit.

NANAIMO - The City of Nanaimo will be undertaking a comprehensive transportation survey from March to mid-June, 2017. The survey will use many different methods to collect information on how people are moving through the region’s key corridors and intersections on foot, bicycle, transit and other vehicles. Valid and accurate data is critical for the City to monitor and prioritize transportation investment.

The survey is similar to one completed in 2012 which was used to develop the City’s 2014 Master Transportation Plan. The collected information will be used to determine transportation trends since the last survey and to develop future community transportation plans and priorities.

A variety of methods will be used to ensure the most comprehensive data collection. These methods include automated traffic hose counts across roadways, manual classifications using video cameras installed temporarily at intersections and counts of transit passengers getting on and off buses at area bus stops.

  • During the automated and intersection count periods from March to mid-June 2017, road users may notice survey collection equipment boxes and hoses, temporary video cameras and count staff at some intersections and roadsides.
  • During the transit count periods from March 7-16, 2017 and April 4-6, 2017, transit passengers may notice count sheets being filled in by Regional District of Nanaimo transit staff and count staff onboard buses.

Watt Consulting Group is leading the survey’s coordination and analysis on behalf of the City. Results are expected to be tabulated and released in July - August 2017

Privacy will be respected and maintained through the project. In compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, none of the collected survey information has attributes that will be linked with personal information or specific individuals.