With A Goal To Become The Go-To Metal Supplier In BC, David Melillo And Team Makes Coast-To-Coast Impact

KELOWNAMillennium Specialty Alloys Ltd. has maintained a presence in Kelowna since 1999, with strong relationships established with suppliers within Canada and abroad, and an earned reputation for service in the province of BC. In short, it was and is a respected company run very well.

When David Melillo took the reins of Millennium in 2019 however, he had a vision to expand upon the goodwill already established by his predecessors, and take the metal supplier to greater heights.

“In 2017 I moved my family from Vancouver to Kelowna. I felt there would be opportunities for me here to find and acquire a business that was established, had good revenue, a strong customer base and opportunities for further growth. Millennium Specialty Alloys checked-off all of those boxes, which is why I enthusiastically acquired it.”

David Milello (second to right, backseat) and his hardworking team have built Millennium Alloys Ltd. into a trusted name across the provinces

A noteworthy caveat, David had no experience in the metal and plastics industry before purchasing Millennium Specialty Alloys. An Ontario native, David studied biology in university, and moved to Vancouver in 1995, where he completed his MBA three years later. He soon found himself in the financial industry, heading-up a venture capital group for a large financial company in Vancouver. All the while, he still itched for the opportunity to own his own company at some point in his working career.

“Given my twenty years of experience advising and raising capital for early stage companies, I felt I had developed certain skillsets that I could eventually utilize in a business of my own,” David notes.

Today, Millennium has indeed benefited from David’s business skills and vision. First, he more than doubled the warehouse space from its original 4,000 square foot location, giving his team room to manage products with organized efficiency, allowing customers access to their orders significantly faster than years past.

Next, he diversified.

“In 2019 we introduced industrial plastics to Millennium’s product lines, such as UHMW, Acetal, PTFE, polycarbonate, acrylics, nylon, and more,” Elaborates David. “I elected to add plastics because many of our customers are fabricators and often need some type of plastic for their projects. Industrial plastics are very complimentary to metals. Both products have similar profiles and are handled and priced in very similar ways. To me it was a “no brainer” especially since there was no one in the Okanagan, and for that matter in much of BC that provides both product lines in one business. We have become a “one-stop” shop for many fabricators and individuals.”

Millennium offers cut-to-measure service, Competitive prices, strong product selection, free delivery, 2 per cent cash back program and a friendly, knowledgeable staff

If supply variety is one pillar of Millennium’s success, David’s team is the vital second.

Elaborates David, “Millennium employees work as though they own the business. They’ve willingly worked past closing to finish up quotes for customers, and some have come in on their days off to assist customers with deadlines. They also constantly provide me with key insights about the business. My team is like family to me.”

Millennium has also grown their digital footprint, creating a more robust, user-friendly website, as well as an active Facebook page where David shares company blogs, product promos and interesting articles.

This, combined with their cut-to-measure service, two-per cent cash back program, friendly and knowledge staff, and an active desire to pass savings on to their customers has grown Millennium from a largely regional supplier to a Canada-wide competitor in a single year.

Concludes David, “BC is a beautiful province that offers so much, and continues to see significant growth. This growth is the tailwind for those entrepreneurs, like me, who seek the opportunities and challenge of owning their own business.”