KELOWNA – Three is better than one.

So says John Glennon of Sandler Training, who has teamed up with two other independent business owners, James Grieve of Catalyst Strategies Consulting and Shawnee Love of LoveHR in a new venture called Build 4 Value Consulting.

It’s not a merger, Glennon points out. It’s a meshing.

“This is a meshing together,” adds Grieve, adding they’ve been ‘incubating’ the idea for the past 18 months. “We were hearing it all the time, in slightly different ways, that people spend lots of money on consultants, but they wondered if there was a way for the consultants to be more collaborative and work closely together.

Glennon points out that Build 4 Value will work with companies on a case by case basis, utilizing either or all of the services offered, and results are performance based.

As an example, Glennon shares that if a company needs HR help, but they don’t want to have a full time HR person. Love can be their ‘surrogate’ HR person.

“People were saying that sales training was only taking them so far, but if I had an HR (Human Resources) person available, that would also help. We were all providing value to our clients in our own ‘silos’, so we decided to roll up our sleeves and pull together.”

Glennon is well known throughout the Thompson Okanagan region for sales training, and in Build 4 Value, his portion is Sales and Process.

“Business owners rely on their sales force, but we understand that improving sales performance is not a sales department issue,” he says. “We bring sales management, sales and customer service systems and processes to help business leaders achieve peace of mind.”

Love, whose responsibility is Culture and Talent, has leading and managing human resources in a broad range of industries and company types.  She is often charged with attracting, retaining and motivating employees, building leaders and high performing cultures, and creating the infrastructure and systems.

“Many owners find themselves frustrated each day, firefighting the employee complaints, unmet expectations, individual requests, and repetitive questions,” she says. “We deliver solutions, tools, information and advice which address problems and align people, culture and HR practices with the strategy of the business.”

Grieve is a Certified Management Consultant and Certified Customer Experience Professional, and handles Strategy and Operations.

“We collaborate with business owners and their teams using a variety of consulting tools, independent research and analyses to facilitate the role of high-level orchestrators of a complex process that involves large numbers of discrete initiatives,” he notes.

Love summarizes by stating: “We are a unique consulting practice offering fresh perspectives, a variety of value added services, and a unique implementation model.  We not only advise, we take a vested interest in the business so that we can help owners reach their objectives.”