Published On: Tuesday, 01 March 2016

Agri-Tech Receives Boost from Bioenterprise BC

Agri-Tech Receives Boost from Bioenterprise BC
The Ministry of Agriculture, through the BCIC, is disbursing $200,000 per year over four years ($800,000 total) from the Agriculture, Science and Innovation Fund to establish Bioenterprise BC.

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BC - The B.C. government and the BC Innovation Council (BCIC) have welcomed new partner Bioenterprise BC to the BC Acceleration Network (BCAN) to support the growth of innovative agri-tech businesses in the province.

Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services Minister Amrik Virk has announced the partnership at BW GLOBAL Structures, an Abbotsford-based business that constructs greenhouses using robotics, and one of many B.C. companies that are driving innovation in the agri-tech sector.

“Bioenterprise BC will support B.C. agri-food and aquaculture entrepreneurs as they not only supply the B.C. market but seek greater commercialization and export opportunities," says Virk. "We are pleased to welcome them to British Columbia and know their support to B.C.-based agri-tech companies will result in economic growth and opportunity for all British Columbians.”

Supported by funding from the BCIC and the federal government’s Canada Accelerator and Incubator Program, Bioenterprise BC will support the commercialization of innovations in agriculture and help increase agri-food revenue. Bioenterprise BC will provide agri-tech entrepreneurs and startups in the Fraser Valley with business plan assistance, market analysis, funding guidance and networking to help accelerate their growth.

“Agri-tech represents significant opportunities for the agricultural industry in British Columbia," says Norm Letnick, Minister of Agriculture. "It can help maximize productivity, minimize inputs and create greater value from B.C.’s farmland and coast. The Ministry of Agriculture is looking forward to partnering with Bioenterprise BC as we head in to the future of agri-tech and take the sector to new innovative and uncharted places.”

BCAN is a group of 14 tech accelerators throughout the province that help early stage entrepreneurs grow their companies. Agri-tech companies working with other BCAN partners will have access to services from Bioenterprise BC.

“British Columbia is home to a great many entrepreneurs within the agriculture and agri-food sectors, and has created innovation leaders in agri-technology with companies like BW Global, Terramerra and Tabletree," says Dave Smardon, president and CEO, Bioenterprise. "With such an innovative culture in British Columbia, it is only fitting that Bioenterprise establish a B.C. office to work in partnership with the BC Acceleration Network to help foster these companies to become commercialization successes.”