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Published On: Wednesday, 19 April 2017

5 New Companies Sign-On with Accelerate Okanagan

5 New Companies Sign-On with Accelerate Okanagan

KELOWNA - The Venture Acceleration Program (VAP) includes all of the elements proven to be required for rapid acceleration in the technology industry. It provides skills training, education, hands-on coaching, community engagement, and access to best-in-class expertise.

VAP participants are paired up with an Executive In Residence mentor, with whom they work to transform their company through Accelerate Okanagan’s structured mentorship program. Meet the latest companies to join the program...

  • Benchcube Analytics
    • Benchcube AnalyticsBenchcube Analytics is an online software platform that creates valuable and actionable insights for local governments and their taxpayers. It does this by making the local government's budget more visually appealing and creating a hub for peer benchmarking.
    • Founder and CEO Michael Brydon is an academic, elected official, and entrepreneur. He founded Benchcube after a decade of service on government and non-government boards. Benchcube brings together his background in data, analytics, and decision theory with his on-the-ground experience interpreting financial data and making decisions.
  • P.A.C.E Concussion Inc.
    • PACE Concussion - Progressive Activation and Concussion Education. Introducing an iPhone based app to facilitate recovery from concussion. This guide helps empower people understand their symptoms and what they can do about them. It provides relevant and medically accepted information about concussion in one place. It helps people monitor their recovery, learn how to pace themselves as well as provides step by step instructions on how to return to learn, work and play.
    • CEO Rose Kristiansen is an Occupational Therapist with 16 years of experience rehabilitating people with brain injuries -- Helping people return to school, work and play.
  • EZ Condo Tools Inc.
    • EZ Condo Tools Inc.EZ Condo Tools Inc. is a low cost web and phone white label software application designed for property management companies and their communities to provide readily accessible, real time information to their customers while cutting the workload for managers. Tools include a secured website and smartphone application where you can load your community documents and forms, list emergency contacts and display community messages.
  • CloudTrac Services
    • CloudTrac CloudTrac provides a means to track a motorcycle, car, truck, boat, ATV, or any other vehicle. They provide the hardware (tracking devices), the service plans, and the user-interface (website and app) to track your device.
  • Happipad
    • The modern way of renting is here with Happipad! Happipad is an online rental platform with a focus on tenants. It allows users to post and see reviews, providing accountability for landlords and tenants alike. As a tenant you now have the power and flexibility to submit custom offers online, view the number of offers and price on a rental property, create a powerful renter’s resume with data-driven verification and authentication that lets good tenants stand out. Landlords have the convenience to compare applications quickly, and tenant screening reports ensuring you are getting good tenants.